39 Places in Alaska That Will Give You Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Posted by Credit Union 1 on Jun 30, 2015 10:39:21 AM
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Free-Stuff-On-Your-BirthdayAlaskans love to celebrate. Whether it’s a traditional holiday or our unique attention to the summer solstice, we don’t miss a chance to throw a party! Birthdays are a fabulous thing, especially for Alaskans who do two (among many) things very well:

1. We love to throw a party.
2. We love to make friends.

Did you raise an eyebrow to making new friends? Sorry pals, it’s true. Alaskans are a friendly crew of people! Lots of us have traveled here from elsewhere, which makes a great conversation starter and commonality. Also, most people who live here happen to LOVE their state – which is another bond that brings us each together! Where there is friendship, there are birthday parties. Embrace it.

That being said, b-days can get a bit expensive with all that celebration! To ease the burn on your wallet, we’ve compiled a fun list of birthday plans that are FREE on your special day. Be sure to bookmark this blog, because you’re not going to want to miss out. Free birthday treats mean you can afford more celebration, you won’t be bummed with your budget the next day, and you have a GREAT back-up plan to celebrate your buddies year-round.

Lady Liberty, we’re sorry you couldn't go claim a free burger or dessert on July 4 – but thanks for the opportunity to celebrate YOU and the great nation we’re lucky to live in. Happy Birthday!

1. A&W All American Food – Join the Mug Club and get a free root beer float on your birthday.
2. Ace Hardware – Sign up for Ace Rewards and get a $5 off coupon.
3. Applebee’s – Get a free birthday dessert when you sign up for their email club.
4. Arby’s – Sign up for their rewards program and get a free milkshake on your birthday.
5. Auntie Anne’s – Get a free pretzel when you sign up for Pretzel Perks.
6. Aveda – Join their rewards program and get a free $20 birthday gift.
7. Bare Escentuals – They’ll send you a free gift when you sign up for their Friends and Benefits program.
8. Barnes and Noble – Get your kiddo a free birthday cupcake when you sign them up for the B&N Kids’ Club.
9. Baskin-Robbins – Sign up for the Birthday Club and get a free ice cream.
10. Benihana – You’ll get a $30 gift certificate by signing up for Chef’s Table.
11. Black Angus Steakhouse – Join the Prime Club and get a free steak dinner on your first birthday as a member and enjoy a free dessert every year after that.
12. Buffalo Wild Wings – Join the Buffalo Circle and get a free dessert.
13. Chili’s – Sign up for their email club and score free chips and guacamole.
14. Chuck E. Cheese’s – Another one for the kids, join the Chuck E. Cheese Club and get free tokens.
15. Cinnabon – Get a free gift when you sign up for Club Cinnabon.
16. Cold Stone Creamery – Sign up for My Cold Stone Club and get a buy-one-get-one free coupon.
17. Dairy Queen – Signing up for the Blizzard Fan Club will get you a free Blizzard.
18. Denny’s – Show your ID and get a free Grand Slam meal.
19. Gallo’s – Enjoy an entire meal, free, when you show your ID.
20. Garcia’s – Get a free dessert when you dine in on your birthday.
21. Hallmark – Join the Hallmark Crown Rewards program and get a free greeting card plus a 20% coupon.
22. Hard Rock Cafe – Get a free dessert by signing up for Hard Rock Rewards.
23. IHOP – More free pancakes! Sign up for their rewards program and get free birthday pancakes.
24. Jalapeños – Enjoy a free dessert on your birthday.
25. Ling & Louie's – Another free birthday dessert.
26. Olive Garden – Join the eClub and get a free appetizer or dessert.
27. Qdoba –Sign up for their rewards program and get a free birthday gift.
28. Redbox – Enjoy a free movie rental when you sign up for Redbox Play Pass.
29. Red Robin – Get a free birthday burger when you sign up for their rewards program.
30. Sephora – Sign up to get a free birthday gift.
31. Starbucks – Join the Starbucks Rewards program and get a free birthday drink.
32. Subway – As part of the Subway Eat Fresh Club, you’ll get a free 6-inch sub plus a drink.
33. Suite 100 – Free dessert on your birthday.
34. Sullivan’s Steakhouse – One more free dessert (we don’t recommend you enjoy all those desserts in one day…).
35. Texas Roadhouse – Get a free gift by signing up for their email club.
36. TGI Fridays – Sign up for the Give Me More Stripes program and get a free dessert.
37. Toys “R” Us – One more for the kids, get a free card and gift by joining Rewards “R” Us.
38. ULTA – Register for their Loyalty Rewards Program and get free mascara.
39. Victoria’s Secret – Get a gift by signing up for an Angel Card.

Bonus one for your pet:

40. Alaska Mill and Feed – register on their website and get a free gift on your pet’s birthday/adoption day.

Looking for a place to stash all of that birthday cash?

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