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Financial Fitness Friday: Summer Fun on a Budget!

Posted by Jess on May 16, 2014 1:59:00 PM

FFF_5-16Yesterday I packed my car full of kids, swimsuits and sunblock and high-tailed it to the beach. We sunbathed on blankets, waded in icy water and swatted at mosquitos – all with the broad smile of Alaskans who appreciate any shade of summer we get! This beach visit was my "brain break" for the week, where I relaxed after a long day and didn't think of anything important.

Have you taken a brain break recently? With all the pins we juggle on a daily basis, it's important to give your mind an occasional hiatus, to help gather a fresh perspective. For me, a fresh perspective was particularly necessary for my pocket book. Summer is spread before me like this beautiful treasure, but I'm stumped on how to afford the amazing activities on my must-do list!

Halibut fishing? Glacier flights? Tourists flock here from all over the world to experience our backyard, but for many Alaskans, these touristy items are a big budget buster. Luckily, my lazy beach visit was successful. I went home with an easy mind and some special insight

 on how to afford my summer adventures. The trick? Redistribute winter funds!

In winter months, everything is more expensive. Utilities feel like they cost an arm and leg, not to mention the extra fuel you burn, the winter gear you need, and much more! When warm weather rolls around, we can all breathe a sigh of financial relief. Now take this freed-up cash and FIRST, follow guidelines we’ve talked about before – like paying down high interest debt and bolstering your rainy day fund. NEXT, decide on a portion to use for fun! Having some (responsible) fun with your money is good for your mental health, which in turn helps you stay happy and productive at work (to continue earning money). What a beautiful circle of life!

As you plan your summer fun this year, don’t forget that not all fun needs a price tag. There are TONS of fun, free options in Alaska as well! Share your favorites in the comments below, and help someone else enjoy our great state. 


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