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Financial Fitness Friday: When Bad Luck Beats You

Posted by Jess on Jun 13, 2014 12:48:00 PM

My Friday the 13th came early this week. Yep. Yesterday, my three year old got hold of a permanent marker and graffiti-ed our car’s interior! AHHHHHHH! Bad, bad-bad luck.

Maybe you’ve laughed at online snapshots of toddler’s who color their baby siblings. Maybe you’ve even gotten a kick out of friend’s children who take crayons to their bedroom walls. Well, let me tell you – when it’s permanent marker on your vehicle’s upholstery, it’s not so funny.

OK, it’s a little bit funny.

Here’s the thing about bad luck. It doesn’t fall out of the clear blue sky! Mine, for instance, occurred because I haphazardly left a permanent marker in my cup holder after an errand. My son recently adopted the habit of sneakily un-clicking his car seat belt whilst we drive. These two seemingly small details combined – and the result was a catastrophic craft project that shocked the pants off me.

Thankfully, being the modern day tech-savvy parent that I am (how did my mom raise me without Google?!), I googled “How to Remove Permanent Marker from Car Interior” and got a slew of results. (Seriously, look this up – it happens ALL THE TIME). By frantically scrubbing hairspray onto the marker streaks for what felt like hours, they’ve faded enough to be ignored. I snapped a few photos of the crime scene for posterity, and we’ve had a fantastic learning experience from this all.CarandMarker

If my tireless scrubbing hadn’t panned out, I don’t know what I’d have done.  No doubt, permanent marker damages the resale value of your vehicle! Each of those quick black swipes represented damage to my finances, and it had nothing to do with my budgeting efforts, responsible spending or financial fitness. Sometimes, simple bad luck (reference para. 4) is what hurts your wallet the most.

When bad luck strikes, your biggest ally will be the rainy day fund you’ve accrued. So don’t ignore its necessity! Every penny you pack away for emergencies can help save your butt when disaster strikes. Granted, a rainy day fund wasn’t going to help my car – but I’m glad a bit of savvy spending helped me have a smart phone in hand when this happened.  Each positive financial step you take can prepare you to deal with unforeseen budget busters. I can’t predict what my mischievous little boy will do next, but I can keep my pocketbook (and blood pressure) healthy in the meantime.

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