How to Alaskanify Your Car

Posted by Credit Union 1 on Aug 9, 2018 10:57:35 AM
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With tourist season in full swing, our Alaskan roads are full to the brim with RVs, boat trailers and other adventurers off to make amazing memories across our state. Wondering how to cope with the extra traffic and unique obstacles of road tripping in Alaska in a safe and easy-going way? Apart from great snacks and music, here’s your handy checklist of how to Alaskanify your vehicle before cruising off into the great outdoors.

Pack an emergency kit.

This is first on our list because it’s one of the most serious by far. Be prepared for an unexpected flat tire, breakdown or road closure (we’re looking at you, Eagle River bridge) by keeping a kit of travel essentials in your cargo space. This could include a handy can of fix-a-flat, tools for small repairs, a first aid kit — or even extra gasoline if you’re headed off the beaten path. Plan for unlikely possibilities like running out of fuel, so you won’t be caught off guards if this happens.

Know your vehicle’s limits.

A “beater with a heater” often works fine for traveling on Alaskan highways, but if you want to venture onto Alaskan backroads where help isn’t easily at hand, you may need to get an extra maintenance checkup before you go. Get those unusual ticks and squeaks sorted out in advance, so you’re not stranded with an unusable vehicle on any long and lonely haul road.

Plan your pit stops.

If your #AKRoadTrip will involve lunch or bathroom breaks in remote areas, plan for the wildlife and weather. It may seem like a hassle to pack extra gear like a rain poncho or spare shoes, but as Alaskans, we know that safe and prepared is always better than sorry. While you’re at it, decide what sort of wildlife protection may be appropriate for where you’ll be. Bear spray doesn’t take up much room in your back seat, but it can be a lifesaver when you step off-road to enjoy all that gorgeous nature around you.

While we all know that Alaskan road trips are some of the best in the world, prepping for your adventure is key to making the most of your journey! Take time to truly Alaskanify your vehicle before you go, and wear that “I’m a local” badge with pride. Adventure on, Alaska!

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