How to Give the Perfect Thank-You

Posted by Credit Union 1 on Nov 19, 2015 4:19:05 PM
Credit Union 1

How_To_Give_The_Perfect_Thank_You.jpgLately, you may find yourself exhibiting a few unfamiliar behaviors, such as snuggling up in blankets, sipping on cocoa or silently cursing your car in the morning. Don’t worry, folks. Winter is here, and we can survive it together! While many people dread the snowy season, there is one undeniable bright side: ‘tis also the season of GIVING! Each of our upcoming holidays celebrates the spirit of saying “thank you” to the ones we love, the ones who help us enjoy each day, and our Alaskan community. If you’ve ever struggled with how to express thanks to these important people, you’re in luck! The CU1 team has collaborated on great gift ideas for all the “helpers” in your life. Below is a brief list of guidelines to get started. Next, move on to our Pinterest board for visualization of more great ideas!


  • Childcare Provider
    • Give $25 to $50 to your child’s care provider and a small gift from your child. Your thoughtfulness will make a great impact!
  • Babysitter
    • Give an average day or evening’s pay for regular sitters and a small gift from your kids.
  • Teachers
    • Give a small gift from your kids – but stay away from baked goods! With many students in each class, no teacher wants a sugar induced tummy-ache.
  • Postal worker
    • Give a non-cash gift worth less than $20 (or food!).
  • Plow person
    • Give the cost of one service or a gift of that value.
  • Pet groomer/scooper/sitter
    • Give the cost of one service or a gift of that value.
  • Housekeeper
    • Give one week’s pay or a gift of that value.
  • Manicurist/hairstylist
    • Give the cost of one session.
  • Nursing home staff
    • Give a non-cash gift of $10-$20 per person.


Check out our Pinterest board!

Know of another person in need of thanks? Share your ideas below, and don’t forget to view our Pinterest board for an eyes-on approach to gift selection. You’re on your way to the perfect “thank you” for each important person in your life, and the feel-good effect of gratitude will warm you all the way to spring!

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