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Posted by Credit Union 1 on Jan 30, 2018 11:13:11 AM
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In Credit Union 1’s December spotlight on the KTUU MomsEveryday show, our Community Engagement Director Jessie Lavoie chats about ways to give back to your local community through philanthropy and the unique One for All Alaska Fund. This fund benefits local Alaskan organizations, and all beneficiaries are chosen by the CU1 employees who live in our branch communities!

Here is the expanded version of what Jessie and the MomsEveryday team discuss:

What is the purpose of the One for All Alaska Fund?
Credit Union 1 established the One for All Alaska Fund several years ago as a means of supporting positive change in our local Alaskan communities. To us, living “One for All” means everyone working together toward a common goal and recognizing that it’s our duty to give back to the communities in which we operate. The One for All Alaska Fund allows our credit union and Alaskan members to collaborate toward happier, healthier communities for all.

How are the One for All Fund organizations selected?
Credit Union 1 employees in each of our branch communities submit nominations to decide which organizations our fund will support each year. This nomination method has been a huge asset in ensuring that donations make the most impact in our communities. For example, our Nome or Fairbanks employees are able to nominate local organizations that they feel are most beneficial to the members of their community. The same goes for our other branch communities such as Kodiak and Ketchikan. Rather than Credit Union 1’s Anchorage-based headquarters selecting the beneficiaries for these communities, our employees who actually live there make the choice.

What organizations has Credit Union 1 worked with in the past?
In the past, our beneficiaries have included organizations such as the Nome Preschool Association, Boys & Girls Clubs in Eagle River and the Kenai Peninsula, and places in Fairbanks, Kodiak and Ketchikan that support ill or at-risk Alaskans. We publish each of the special beneficiaries for our fund on

How does Credit Union 1 raise funds and how can someone donate?
During one month of each quarter, we collect donations to the One for All Alaska Fund from our members, who are able to choose exactly which branch community they would like their donation to benefit. However, donations can be made year-round in any CU1 branch or via a home banking transfer! Additionally, we to host a Member Appreciation Day in each of our branch communities during the year, and at this event CU1 matches donations to the specific community’s One for All Fund beneficiary. In November, for example, we matched donations in Eagle River, and with help from our members we were able to donate $10,000 to the Eagle River Boys & Girls Club. This brings our seven year donation total for this organization alone to $92,000, all thanks to generous donations contributions to the One for All Alaska Fund.

As a community-minded Alaskan, you can make a difference in your friends and neighbors’ lives by donating to the One for All Alaska Fund today. Learn who we’re fundraising for in a community near you, and help make a difference via a quick and easy transfer in Online Access!
Learn even more about the way CU1 gives back to Alaska in the "Community" section of


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