5 Must-See Sights in Alaska

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Alaska is one of the most rugged and beautiful places on earth – and one of the best ways to appreciate the scenery is by BOAT! We have wide open waters, winding rivers and loads of lakes for recreation. Ready to dip your toes into boat ownership? Take a look at the amazing Alaskan sights you could explore anytime, from the helm of your very own vessel. It’s time to 🎵 set out on the sea for adventure! 🎵



Sure, you could book a seat on any touristy glacier cruise. Better yet, cruise over to the glaciers outside Seward, Whittier, Ketchikan and more on your own! Prince William Sound is only a 60 minute drive from Anchorage to Whittier, and the Sound has more tidewater glaciers than anywhere else on the planet. WOW!



Whether you’re in southern Alaska or near the very tip-top, whales are always a thrill to spot. In places like Pony Cove outside of Seward, you can fish for salmon while the whales swim around you!



🎵 Mother mother ocean… 🎵 Who doesn’t love the prospect of deep sea fishing out of Ninilchik, shrimping from Whittier, crabbing near Kodiak or catching salmon in rivers throughout the state?! Nothing is more satisfying than filling up your freezer AND having a blast on the open water.



Camping in a remote cabin. Alaska is an extra friendly place for wilderness campers. Reserve a
public use cabin for a low nightly fee, and you’ll feel like an olden-days explorer! Many of these
cabins are accessible by water only, which means the act of getting there is a huge part of the



When you imagine Alaskan activities, water-skiing may not be on your list – but it’s true! In places like Big Lake outside of Anchorage, or all around Fairbanks and the Interior, you can dip your 🎵 toes in the water 🎵 and enjoy a day of fun in the sun from your boat deck, ski on the water or simply indulge in a mid-lake dip. Water sports aren’t just for the warm-weatherers down south!

Raise your hand if you’re now more anxious for adventure than ever! Stay in-state and explore Alaska on your own this year, and you’ll enjoy the thrill of memory-making, cost-saving and (if you’re lucky) some fresh food from the water as well.*

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