Infographic: Quit a Costly Habit

Posted by Jessica Gallagher on Jan 14, 2015 1:31:00 PM
Jessica Gallagher

Get ready folks – I have a serious question for you! How goes the battle with your 2015 resolutions? Are you making progress? Treading water?

On my short list of resolutions, I’m somewhere between treading water and sinking. Each January, I set out to develop an agenda of exciting ideas to achieve – but my dirty secret is that, most often, this list falls by the wayside before February.  If you’re in the same boat (don’t worry! I won’t tell!), we can both use some ideas to make the year ahead particularly impactful. Luckily, I’ve found four words to live by: “quit a costly habit!”

There’s a pretty hip financial mantra out there that reminds people “by changing just a few small habits, you can make a big impact on your pocketbook.” IT’S TRUE! And by tackling a few harder items, you’ll be shocked at the money you save. This year, instead of lamenting that I haven’t yet started my Rosetta Stone lessons or signed up for Yoga classes, I’m going to celebrate small victories. For instance, did you know that packing your own lunch just one day each week could save you $415 a year?! That’s $415 I could then save or spend in much more amazing ways! Check out what other habits might apply to your life – and if you have an idea that’s not listed, let’s hear it!




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